“Our form tutor stopped teaching us gay rights so we wouldn't ‘catch the gay’.”
Workshop Participant
“If I could plan my own sex ed, I would include many different kinds of relationships from all backgrounds and make sure people aren't embarrassed”
Workshop Participant
“My experience of sex ed in school was awkward with teachers laughing more than pupils & we only watched videos, not many talks”
Workshop Participant
“I enjoyed being able to sit and work having people around me and do the blind drawing exercise because it helped me realise how structured I am and how to free my drawing”
Workshop Participant
“It was nice to have my work in an art exhibition with better known artists - it made my work feel special”
Workshop Participant
“I enjoyed being able to discuss topics like sexism because I find these topics interesting, personal and also topical”
Workshop Participant
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What difference does it make?

Here are just a few comments from participants made during our projects:

The young people are very enthused about the work they're doing. They were practicing during the play session yesterday, lots of thoughtful conversation too. (Hastings Adventure Playground (HAP) Staff)

Just to say again, how ecstatic the young people are to receive something in the post: 'It's not even my birthday!!' (HAP Manager)

Also [young person’s] mum says he's talking more, about the abuse that he gets when out and about. You are running an excellent project. (HAP Manager)

A fantastic project that engages with young people about real issues and stereotypes. (Hastings Council Youth and Seniors Participation Officer)

I learnt that people can be different on the inside from on the outside. (male HAP participant)

I didn’t know that boys could be creative. (female HAP participant)

I learnt that practice makes perfect and you have to respect people. (male HAP participant)

aGender is inspiring. It helps young people talk about challenging but really important issues concerning identity and equality. It breaks down ideas about what 'art' is and helps develop young people's creativity and ideas. (Youth Council Session Participant)

Being given the opportunity to volunteer with aGender has made me realise how art can be used a tool to help others. I've learnt a lot about myself too- I know now that this is the kind of work I want to do later in my life. I'm really glad to be involved in such an amazing project. (young aGender volunteer)