“I enjoyed being able to sit and work having people around me and do the blind drawing exercise because it helped me realise how structured I am and how to free my drawing”
Workshop Participant
“If I could plan my own sex ed, I would include many different kinds of relationships from all backgrounds and make sure people aren't embarrassed”
Workshop Participant
“It was nice to have my work in an art exhibition with better known artists - it made my work feel special”
Workshop Participant
“My experience of sex ed in school was awkward with teachers laughing more than pupils & we only watched videos, not many talks”
Workshop Participant
“I enjoyed being able to discuss topics like sexism because I find these topics interesting, personal and also topical”
Workshop Participant
“Our form tutor stopped teaching us gay rights so we wouldn't ‘catch the gay’.”
Workshop Participant

Welcome to aGender Arts & Education

aGender works with young people to challenge stereotypes, raise aspirations, and help them to feel good about themselves, their identity and others.  We use creative media to open up critical thinking and encourage positive expression.

We believe that young people can thrive when they are unconstrained by stereotypical thinking.  By recognising these limitations – which can affect how they see themselves and others – young people are more able to achieve their potential and participate fully in society.

We aim to raise aspirations, and help young people to feel good about themselves, their identity and others, and positively engage with their community.

We involve young people in the planning and delivery of our creative sessions.  We are guided by a holistic approach to exploring issues around identity, equality and diversity.

aGender Arts & Education is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (no. 1155447)

Registered office: Jackson Hall, Portland Place, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1QN