“I enjoyed being able to sit and work having people around me and do the blind drawing exercise because it helped me realise how structured I am and how to free my drawing”
Workshop Participant
“My experience of sex ed in school was awkward with teachers laughing more than pupils & we only watched videos, not many talks”
Workshop Participant
“Our form tutor stopped teaching us gay rights so we wouldn't ‘catch the gay’.”
Workshop Participant
“If I could plan my own sex ed, I would include many different kinds of relationships from all backgrounds and make sure people aren't embarrassed”
Workshop Participant
“It was nice to have my work in an art exhibition with better known artists - it made my work feel special”
Workshop Participant
“I enjoyed being able to discuss topics like sexism because I find these topics interesting, personal and also topical”
Workshop Participant
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Our aims and objectives


To advance the education of the public, in particular, young people aged 11-21, by providing advice and assistance and organising programmes of creative activities as a means of addressing topics related to Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) and Personal Social Health Education (PSHE).


  • We aim to explore the way that gender is portrayed in society with young people from all socio-economic backgrounds and diverse family structures, using creative media e.g. visual and performing arts, film and writing and how these stereotypes affect the choices they make about relationships.
  • Our aim is to provide a safe space for young people to voice their cctv buying guide opinions and explore their choices about relationships, sex and their bodies, through fun, creative activities.
  • We aim for these engaging activities to help develop the skills, awareness and capabilities of young people, to enable them to participate in society as more informed and critical individuals, to stay safe from sexual harm and exploitation, to foster healthy relationships and to promote gender equality.
  • Within our work, we aim to foster an environment whereby young people support each other in furthering these objectives, especially but not exclusively through creative activities, so as to develop their capabilities in all aspects of their lives.
  • We will act as a resource for young people aged 11-21 living in Hastings & Rother and surrounding areas, by providing advice and assistance and organizing programmes of creative activities as a means of addressing topics related to Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) and Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) in schools and other settings.
  • We will signpost young people to relevant partnership organisations e.g. British Pregnancy Advisory Service, SPARK, NSPCC etc. according to their needs.
  • We aim to further gender equality and eliminate discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, (dis)ability, sexual orientation and/or religion.